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Mountain States EZ Dock

Mountain States EZ Dock has been the EZ Dock distributor in Colorado and Wyoming for 18 years. Nearly every EZ Dock system installed over those years is still floating as well as the day they were installed making our hundreds of clients very happy! MSR is a full-service waterfront design and construction company. Call or email us today for a no cost, no obligation design and quote or we’ll come on out to the lake for a visit! Email Todd Stone

Why EZ Dock?

EZ Dock was developed with the discriminating waterfront consumer in in mind. After years of battling harsh weather conditions and having to remove, repair and re-install docks seasonally, two innovative friends invented and patented the EZ Dock system that changed the dock industry forever. Today, more and more people have turned to EZ Dock for their residential and commercial uses, making it the industry leader in floating dock and lift systems.

EZ Dock vs. Wood

EZ Dock vs. Wood While there are many advantages of EZ Dock over traditional wood docks, the most significant is reduced maintenance, which can be measured in both time and money saved. EZ dock sections don’t rust or splinter, nor do they have individual boards that need to be replaced or painted. Keeping your dock looking new only takes a little soap and water.

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